Account - Billable Users API

List billable users

List all current billable users of an account:

GET /account/billable_users


Status: 200 OK
    "id": 552,
    "primary_email": "",
    "name": "Abbie Lindt",
    "organization": "Microsoft Corporation",
    "business_unit": null,
    "sign_ins": 0,
    "last_visit": null
    "id": 70,
    "primary_email": "",
    "name": "Ashok Kumar",
    "organization": "Widget Data Center, External IT",
    "business_unit": "Widget Data Center",
    "sign_ins": 14,
    "last_visit": "2015-10-30T15:22:25-05:00"

The response contains these fields by default. Filtering and pagination are available to reduce/limit the collection of Bills.

To obtain all billable users of an account for a previous month (e.g. October 2015):

GET /account/billable_users?year=2015&month=10

To retrieve the same billable users as a list of comma-separated values (CSV):

GET /account/billable_users.csv?year=2015&month=10


Readonly reference to Organization — The Business unit field shows the name of the business unit that the person’s organization organization belongs to.
Readonly integer — The unique ID of the person.
Readonly integer — The date and time at which the person last accessed the ITRP service.
Required string (max 128) — The Name field is used to enter the person’s name.
Required reference to Organization — The Organization field is used to select the Organization for which the person works as an employee or long-term contractor.
Readonly string (max 128) — The Primary email field is used to enter the email address to which email notifications are to be sent. This email address acts as the unique identifier for the person within the ITRP account. This primary email address also acts as the person’s login name if he/she is a user of the ITRP service.
Readonly integer — The total number of times to date that the person has signed into the ITRP service.